About Us

MARRC (Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp.) is a non-profit organization incorporated under The Corporation Act of Manitoba. It was formed April 1, 1997 by manufacturers and marketers of oil products in Manitoba and is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of industry and public representatives. Its mandate is to develop, implement and administer a cost-effective, sustainable, user-financed and province-wide stewardship program for used oil, used oil filters and used oil containers on behalf of its members. Antifreeze and its containers were added to the program on June 1, 2012.

Membership in MARRC is for stewards of oil and antifreeze products or for people who purchase designated products from stewards of oil and antifreeze products and re-sell those products.

MARRC has adopted an overall strategy based on recommendations from the Western Canadian Used Oil/Container/Filter Task Force which developed a policy platform and guiding principles for use across the four western provinces. MARRC is maximizing commonality of its Program with that of the British Columbia Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA), Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA) and the Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp. (SARRC).

It represents the Manitoba Used Oil Management Committee s principles that consumers, industry and government share responsibility for eliminating negative environmental impacts of used oil materials and for making the Program viable.

The provincial government, principally through Manitoba Environment, will regulate and monitor the progress of this Program. In April, 1997, the province enacted the Used Oil, Oil Filters and Containers Stewardship Regulation to create a "level playing field" for manufacturers and marketers of oil products. Manitoba Environment will maintain a registry of licensed return depots, EcoCentres, carriers and processor/end-use receivers of used oil products. 

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