EcoCentre Locations

MARRC has established a province-wide network of 70 collection depots called EcoCentres which exceeds the requirements of the Used Oil, Oil Filters and Containers Stewardship Regulations. In addition there are 25 other licensed rural depots along with 16 in Winnipeg for a total of 95 in the province.

These EcoCentres provide drop-off facilities for do-it-yourself (DIY) consumers, further defined as private motorists, farmers and small commercial operators who service their own vehicles and equipment. Collectors will pick up used lubricating products generated by the EcoCentres.

EcoCentres are designed and operated to meet regulatory requirements of Manitoba Conservation.

To find a drop-off location, use the associated search to the right.

Please note that not all locations accept all three materials (oil, filters, containers).  Search results will include a legend to indicate accepted materials by location.

Call the EcoCentre location first to confirm free service, mateials, and amounts accepted, drop-off location, and hours of operation. Please return used oil materials only during the operating hours of the facility and endure that used oil is not contaminated with such things as water, anti-freeze, paint, or solvents.

If you have larger quantities of used oil, filters,  or containers, please click on Collectors and Processors and call a MARRC registered collector to pick up your used oil materials.


EcoCentre Locations

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