Some of the terminology we are using will change slightly. The most common terms that the application uses are explained here for your reference. Any further questions can be directed to your support team at EHCsupport@usedoilrecycling.ca

Contact – A contact is anyone who is listed on record for the UOMAs to communicate with regarding a Remitter account.

User – a generic term for someone who has access to the system. Users access the system using their email address. Note that Users are automatically considered contacts, however, not all Contacts are system users.

Roles – Users can have one or more roles, each with distinct permissions. There are 3 roles in the system.

  • Master User – has overall access and permissions to manage contact information and user access
  • Data Entry User – the person who enters the data and submits the EHC filings for approval
  • Filing Approver – the person (who can be the same person) who approves the EHC filings.

Remitter – a registered EHC member who is required to submit an EHC filing. Filings are completed for each Remitter in each province.

Organization – a convenient grouping of related Remitters that can file together. This may be a corporate head office with many Remitters or a business with a single location. All Remitters belong to an Organization.


Most things will stay the same for EHC remitters – submission timelines, EHC fees and the remittance process itself will not be changing. The new EHC OneWindow application is user friendly, national in scope and should result in a less time-consuming remittance process.

Yes, there will be one link to the new application and remitters who file in multiple provinces will be able to remit for all provinces in a single window. This is a significant improvement over the previous EHCForms application, which required multiple logins to complete a multi-jurisdictional filing.

Access to the application will initially be granted to the Member by the UOMA for an organization. Your organization’s Master User will then be able to grant specific permissions to additional users, depending on organizational accountabilities. Additional information will be available online at http://usedoilrecycling.com/uoma-members/

No, there will be no changes in the EHC fees charged with the implementation of the new EHC OneWindow application.

Yes, with the implementation of the new EHC OneWindow application, mandatory electronic remittance will be required.

Information about the new EHC OneWindow application can be found here: http://usedoilrecycling.com/uoma-members/

Yes, you can initially set your language on the login page. To set it permanently you can update your language preference under your Profile in the system.

Yes, the organization Master User will be able to update contact information and maintain access for their users as they may change over time.

On the Summary page you can see if you have Filings to complete. Your filings will be created automatically for you, based on data in your remitter details. You can click on the areas to drill down and see more details.

Once a Filing has been approved it cannot be directly edited. If you have made an error, please contact the agency to open an ‘adjustment’ filing that you can utilize to correct the reported period. This is an important change from EHCForms, so please ensure you enter and approve filings carefully so they are correct the first time.

Important notes:

a. When opening an ‘adjustment’ filing, the agency will direct you on whether to report in one of two manners:

i. Report the period in full with the correct figures (agency will reverse the original invoice in the background)
ii. Report the net difference between your original report and the correct figures (agency will maintain the original invoice in the background)

b. Do not adjust a period’s filing on a filing for a different period. Please contact the agency to open an adjustment filing.

Going forward, yes, organizations will be able to view past remittances. With the new EHC OneWindow application being implemented effective January 1, 2020, for applicable sales, this will be the start date of the data contained in the system. Any remittances filed prior to January 2020, in the EHCForms system will not be available in the new application.

No, not at this time. Existing arrangements for payment will remain in place (i.e., electronic transfer, cheque, etc.).


All 2019 remittances will continue to be submitted on the old EHCForms system. The old EHCForms system will be available for 2019 remittances until February 7, 2020, and so all remittances for 2019 and earlier, must be completed by then. All 2020 remittances must be submitted in the new application – starting February 3, 2020, for monthly remitters.

Monthly Remitters: Starting February 3, 2020, monthly EHC remittances must be filed via the new application.

Quarterly Remitters: Starting April 1, 2020, quarterly EHC remittances must be filed via the new application.

Annual Remitters: Starting January 1, 2021, annual EHC remittances must be filed via the new application.

All pre-2020 remittances (eligible remittances to December 31, 2019) must be submitted in EHCForms prior to February 7, 2020. However, any outstanding pre-2020 filings will be made available for filing on EHC OneWindow.


Instructional materials and support will be available in January 2020. These instructional materials are being developed for use when first accessing the application.

A training session will be held for each group of remitters and training materials will be provided. There will also be a helpdesk available to respond to your questions. The email address to submit your questions to is: EHCsupport@usedoilrecycling.ca

Instructional materials and the helpdesk will be available to users prior to the first round of 2020 remittances (February 3 – 29, 2020, for monthly remitters).


No, remittance information is still collected provincially and retained by the provinces. All existing terms and conditions regarding data sharing and protection of privacy will be upheld and maintained.

No, Members will only be able to see their own information.