Getting Started

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your internet browser. Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • The system link is:
  • Initially you will sign in with the email address that you normally use to make your EHC submissions.
  • Set your Password using the Forgot? function on the Log-in page.
  • You will receive an e-mail from “” with a link to set (or reset) your password. Note that this email notification only lasts 24 hours so a new password must be set during that timeframe.
  • Passwords must be at least 10 characters, and contain at least: 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 number.
  • If you don’t receive an e-mail in your Inbox, check your “Junk” folder in case your system does not recognise the e-mail ID (and mistakes it for junk).
  • You can choose English or French as your default language. Set it initially on the main page and then update your profile to set it permanently.
  • If your business is already registered with the Agency, we have already given you access to the system, so you do NOT need to re-register. Note: If you are already registered and want to apply to register a new location, contact the relevant Agency or send an email to
  • You should “bookmark” the EHC OneWindow website for future reference.
  • An Organization is the parent company that contains one or more Remitters (also known as Businesses, Suppliers or Members). A Remitter is the provincial level that is responsible for the submission of EHC filings.
  • You can create data and invite users at both an Organization level or at a Remitter/Business level. The initial structure has been set up so that all addresses, contacts, notes and users are at the Organization level (so they relate across all Remitters belonging to the Organization).

Home page

Login > Home

  • Home is the first page you’ll see upon login. You’ll see a summary of outstanding items. The Notifications section will show you tailored communications relevant to the Associations you are registered with.
  • To submit your EHC Remittances, click on the blue File button.

  • The File page is displayed showing a list of available filings you need to complete.

Filing Page

Login > Filing App

  • Note: If your user ID is at the organization level, you will see filings for every province in your organization. If your user ID is at the provincial level, then you will only see filings for your that province.
  • Click the File button on a particular line to open an individual filing.
  • Follow the next three steps:
  • File
  • Approve
  • Review your Open and Closed Invoices

1. File

Login > Filing > File

  • The Filing page shows the product catalog. Complete the quantity and/or size boxes with sales for the period. For instructions on how to add custom OEM products (applicable in AB only at this time), see Customizing OEM.

  • If you need to come back and complete the filing later, click Save at the bottom of the page and it will still be available on the File page. If you are done, click Save and Submit. The filing will no longer be editable.
  • If there is nothing to report for this period, click on the “Nothing to report this period” checkbox and select Save and Submit to file a Nil Return.
  • You can add Notes to your filing that will show on the invoice that is generated.

2. Approve

Login > Filing > Approve

A user with a Filing Approver role can approve or reject one or more filings.

  • Select one or select all, click the Amount checkbox, the Certification checkbox, then click Approve.
  • To reject a filing, select the Filing to open, and click Reject Filing.

Note: This approval step MUST be completed to finish the filing.

3. Review Invoices

Login > Filing > Open Invoices

  • Approved filings are displayed on the Remit Page.
  • Invoices can be downloaded to a file to be printed, saved or emailed. Click on the blue arrow to the right of the invoice to open or save the invoice (in PDF format). It will appear at the bottom of your screen where you can open or save it.
  • The invoice can now be used to submit your payment to the applicable Association through your company’s regular payment processes. Once the payment is received and processed it will appear in the Closed Invoices tab.

Managing Your Account

My Profile

  • From Home, you can edit your Profile information by clicking on “Profile” in the drop-down menu (down arrow) in the upper right corner beside your e-mail id. Your profile contains your Contact information.
  • You can set your language preference here as well.
  • Note: You cannot edit your e-mail ID as that is your Account name. If your e-mail has changed, you need to setup a new Contact. Contact for help with this.


  • You can change your Password at any time by selecting “Change Password” on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen, or the “Forgot?” link on the login page.
  • Passwords must be at least 10 characters, and contain at least: 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 number.
  • Note that this email notification only lasts 24 hours so a new password must be set during that timeframe.


  • For security reasons, when you are done, sign out of the system by going to the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the screen, and Logout of your account. Automatic logout occurs after 2 hours.

Managing Your Organization

Participants – Businesses and Organizations

  • From the Participants tab, you can edit the information about your Organization and Remitters. Please note that contacts are generally set up at the Organization level so they receive information from all associations that your Organization is registered with.
  • To do this make sure you are on the Organization tab as shown in the following screen then click on the checkbox on the right side. You can then update your company information including addresses and contacts.

  • From the Businesses tab you will see all of the associations you are registered with.

  • By clicking on the checkbox to the right you will be able to download a Remitter Statement which shows the current details of your account with that Association, as well as Invoices and Products Filed Reports.

Customizing OEM

  • Customizing is for any OEM product that is not currently setup on the standardized product catalogue list. You may have customized equipment, or the components do not correspond with ones already listed. Creating a customized assembly product will help you for future reporting.
  • To add a custom OEM product, select “Add Custom Product” under the applicable category. For example, to add a type of Motorcycle select “Add Custom Product” under “All Recreational Equipment”

  • Title the OEM as you see fit. And then you can enter the quantities of oil/filter types that are contained in one unit of your OEM product.

  • Click “create” to create your OEM product

  • Enter the number of units sold.