The best summer job in western Canada is being a summer Recycling Ambassador for one of the four UOMAs. Select teams of university students travel each province attending antique car and trade shows, community events, marching in parades wearing the mascot costume, visiting municipalities and collection facilities – spreading the word about the importance of used oil and antifreeze materials recycling.

In Manitoba, Mr. Oil Drop is accompanied by Mrs. Oil Drop. And last summer, three full-time Ambassadors with some back-up help visited over 50 exhibitions, tradeshows and parades.

The Manitoba Ambassador program is a partner with two other Producer Responsible Organizations (PROs) – Call2Recycle  & Health Product Stewardship Association.

Moving west to Saskatchewan, the Ambassador program is an effective partnership of the provincial UOMA and five other recycling organizations including the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council.

This summer the Ambassadors are working hard to match the 20 plus events they attended in 2015. Major agricultural shows are always on their summer schedule including the Farm Progress Show in Regina and the Ag in Motion show near Langham, just north of Saskatoon.

Mr. Oil Drop is accompanied by his recycling partner, Auntie Freeze. Both popular attractions wherever they go in the summer.

Heading west into Alberta, you will encounter another team of eager recycling Ambassadors. The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) coordinates the summer program for the Alberta UOMA as well as our partner, Alberta Recycling.

The Ambassadors with Mr. Oil Drop tour the province from the Badlands of Drumheller to the rugged Rockies, and north to the Peace Country.

Last year they attended 25 events across the province from May to early August and were well received by all.

Beautiful British Columbia is the province to be an Ambassador if you enjoy travel.

In 2015, the provincial UOMA led the Ambassador Program expansion from six to nine product stewardship programs and held the first launch event in Burnaby. The 2015 program included two ambassador teams that travelled the Province providing information to the public on where to recycle and support for businesses on how to participate in the programs. Last year, the teams visited 130 towns and cities, attended 28 community events and directly shared the recycling message with 1.2 Million people.

And they’re back on the road for Summer 2016.