With the knowledge that the current recycling rate of containers sold in Canada sits at around 85%, the BC Used Oil Management Association recently commissioned a national survey and study of the Lubricating Oil and Antifreeze Packaging Circular Economy on behalf of all the UOMAs.

The study contains a significant amount of research collected by engaging with packaging manufacturers, Members (i.e., fillers of plastic containers) and recyclers/processors which should be of interest to all involved. Key highlights include:

  • Observed trends toward increased specialization of fluids and packaging as well as smaller container size;
  • Difficulties identified with reuse of bulk containers;
  • Increase in the prevalence of PVC pouches; and
  • Possible solutions suggested such as changes to existing programs, examining container reuse and development of biodegradable containers.

Full results of the study prepared by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. can be found here. In addition to reviewing the original report, we encourage you to participate in the virtual webinar below.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: On November 24th at 1:30pm EST / 10:30 PST, UOMA will present a virtual webinar for members where this study will be discussed with representatives from DesRosiers. Further details will be forthcoming.