In 2013, the Used Oil Management Associations (UOMAs) began collecting Environmental Handling Charges (EHCs) on oil, antifreeze and filters contained in original equipment (OEM).

As part of our efforts to continually improve administrative efficiency, fairness, and EHC compliance, the Associations are undertaking a review of the Initial Fill (OEM) Category Summary. The main goal is to clarify category classifications for some of the more difficult to classify on- and off-road vehicles and equipment.  Click here for the current list outlining the UOMAs’ obligated OEM categories and the oil, antifreeze and filter volumes and counts associated with each category. 

A consultation document inviting stakeholder participation will be emailed to OEM-remitting UOMA members and also posted on the UOMAs’ national website by March 1, 2017.  Following receipt of the consultation document, stakeholders are invited to respond on or before April 30, 2017.

OEM-remitting UOMA members will receive the updated 2018 Initial Fill (OEM) Category Summary in September 2017 for implementation on January 1, 2018.

Rod Rosenfelt