EHC OneWindow Online System

The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) remitted by all retailers, wholesalers or first sellers on lubricating products including filters, antifreeze and plastic containers. The EHC is remitted to the association(s) in the province(s) in which the company does business.

This EHC OneWindow system is for registered members in BC, AB, SK, MB, QC, NB, NL, NS and PE to submit filings for Environmental Handling Charges.

If you have questions, please e-mail:

EHC Applicable Products

Environmental Handling Charges (EHC) are a user paid fee by first-sellers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers of applicable products.

EHC Rates Schedule

Environmental Handling Charges (EHC) rates differ by provincial jurisdiction – view our rates schedule.

Initial Fill (OEM)
Category Summary

The OEM Category Summary lists original equipment categories and the oil, antifreeze and filter volumes and counts associated with each.

(effective from Oct. 1, 2023)

(effective to Sept. 30, 2023)

Thank you!

Thanks to YOU, our members, for helping us make sure these resources continue to be recovered, recycled and reused across the country!