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MARRC (Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp.) is a non-profit organization with a mandate to develop, implement and administer a cost-effective, sustainable, user-financed, province-wide stewardship program for used oil, used antifreeze, used oil filters, used oil & antifreeze containers.

MARRC is incorporated under The Corporation Act of Manitoba. It was formed April 1, 1997 by manufacturers and marketers of oil products in Manitoba and is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of industry and public representatives.

For a full list of materials accepted in this province, please visit the association’s website.

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As our used oil recycling program continues to grow, we strive to inform and educate as many Manitobans as possible. We provide funding of over $300,000 to our existing network of collection facility drop-off locations which are all conveniently located across the province. This funding helps each owner/operator with costs for things like supplies, insurance and advertising to aid in the smooth operation of the facility.