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Extended producer responsibility (EPR) in the Yukon

The Yukon Government is intending to regulate Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for automotive wastes, such as oil, filters, antifreeze and automotive containers. Yukon is proposing to implement a suite of EPR programs by 2025 under Our Clean Future, [...]

December 22, 2022|News|

What is EHC on used oil and antifreeze materials?

An Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) is a fee charged to producers of automotive products by the Used Oil Management Associations of Canada. The EHC is not a government tax, but instead considered part of the product price and [...]

December 21, 2022|News|

UOMA’s Role in The Circular Economy

October is Circular Economy Month in Canada, and it provides a great opportunity for us to share information that supports our members' corporate objectives in the areas of sustainability and environmental practices. Collection is the UOMAs primary [...]

October 20, 2022|News|

Alberta Consultations on Additional Containers and Fees

Alberta and BC are leading a UOMA initiative to expand the types of containers managed through their respective provincial programs to include additional automotive containers such as DEF, windshield washer, automotive additives, aerosols, and drums. Between September and March [...]

June 2, 2022|Newsletter Articles|

Website Improvements in the Works

To continue to serve our members and the public efficiently we are in the process of refreshing our UOMA website. Some of the updates and upgrades are technical in the backend of the site and you may not notice [...]

June 2, 2022|Newsletter Articles|
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