Société de gestion des huiles usagées

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SOGHU’s mission is to manage an economically, environmentally and socially efficient and responsible collection, processing and user awareness program for used oils, used glycol (antifreeze), used oil and glycol (antifreeze) containers with a capacity of 50 litres or less (including used lubricant aerosol and brake cleaner containers) and used filters, on behalf of its members.

The activities of SOGHU are governed by the Regulation and by the Agreement with RECYC-QUÉBEC and will be the object of detailed reports to its members and to RECYC-QUÉBEC.

For a full list of materials accepted in this province, please visit the association’s website.


Used oil is processed in re-refined lubricating oil, or otherwise used as industrial burner fuel. Used oil filters are processed into structural metal shapes for the manufacturing of industrial products. Used plastic oil/antifreeze containers and pails are recycled into new products like industrial posts, plastic pipes and composite boards for construction. Used antifreeze is reprocessed back into reusable antifreeze. Used aerosol containers are depressurized, compressed and melted to make new metal materials useful in the manufacture of industrial products.