Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp.

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The Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp. (SARRC) is a non-profit corporation formed to develop, implement and maintain a single, cost-effective, province-wide recycling program for used oil, oil filters, and antifreeze, as well as oil, antifreeze and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) containers. The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) assessed on new oil, oil filters, antifreeze and oil, antifreeze and DEF containers at the first point of sale or distribution in Saskatchewan.

SARRC was incorporated February 12, 1996. The program, approved by the Ministry of Environment, has been widely accepted and supported by consumers, industry, environmental groups, governments and other stakeholders.

For a full list of materials accepted in this province, please visit the association’s website.

Quick Facts


In 2023 it is estimated that SARRC’s program saved 52,789 tonnes CO2 equivalent, that’s like taking about 15,837 passenger vehicles off the road or the energy used by 12,141 homes in one year.

Based on Natural Resources Canada’s greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator.