In both New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, the burning of used oil in small furnaces is an acceptable use of used oil. Consequently, many garages and industries legally burn the used oil they generate and collect to heat their buildings. Surveys recently completed in both provinces show that 55% and 75% of the used oil is burnt in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island respectively. The surveys also investigated used of glycol (antifreeze) and suggested that there is a very low collectable volume in these two provinces. A study across Canada is being conducted to update the amount of glycol (antifreeze) available for collection. Considering this new information, the Atlantic Used Oil Association approved lower environmental handling charges (EHCs) on oil, glycol (antifreeze) premix and glycol (antifreeze) at its April 5, 2018 board meeting for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The reductions are as follows:

ProductsReductionNew rates
Oil$ 0.02/litrefrom $ 0.05/litre to $ 0.03/litre
Glycol (antifreeze) premix$ 0.02/litrefrom $ 0.10/litre to $ 0.08/litre
Glycol (antifreeze) concentrate$ 0.04/litrefrom $ 0.16/litre to $ 0.12/litre

This modification was effective on July 1st, 2018 and consequently, remittances due on October 31st, 2018 covering the third quarter will be paid in accordance with the new EHC amounts.