Since its formation in 2004, the National Used Oil Material and Antifreeze Advisory Council (NUOMAAC) has served as an effective partnership for the six Used Oil Management Associations in Canada who manage programs in eight provinces by providing a resource of information and experience that each program can draw upon in the recovery, recycling and reuse of used oil and antifreeze materials.

The regular communication among provinces – with monthly calls as well as an annual meeting – greatly benefits members, as one of the programs’ overarching goals is establishing consistent national standards as well as streamlining administration and operations for all programs.

Although the programs differ in terms of the materials applicable for environmental handling fees, there is a foundation of support as the programs move forward in working with their respective governments to add more materials for recycling.

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) now has one full year under its belt in the management of their province’s used oil materials recycling program since it was transitioned to their organization on October 1, 2018. ARMA’s priority was to work collaboratively to ensure that it was a seamless shift for all parties including members, processors, collectors and generators of used oil materials. Additionally, ARMA’s Used Oil Industry Council was an important element in the transition, with the majority of its members having been on the former AUOMA (Alberta Used Oil Management Association) Board. They continue to share their expertise as representatives from the manufacturing and retail sectors of used oil materials.

Important components of the collaborative approach include participating in joint projects such as a study on filters; unaccounted used oil; plastics flow; oil consumed in use; and continuing with the joint compliance reviews that are of great benefit to members with the efficiency of having one entity represent multiple programs.

NUOMAAC’s members look forward to adding value and enhancing the quality of each of our programs as we collectively continue to preserve and protect Canada’s environment.