In the fall of 2016, the National Used Oil Material and Antifreeze Advisory Council (NUOMAAC) members were surveyed to determine their satisfaction with the provincial Used Oil Management Associations (collectively the UOMA) as service providers. The results provided us with constructive feedback including strong, across the board support for a new, modernized, web-based Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) reporting system to replace the current EHCforms spreadsheet-based reporting system.

Since that time, the provincial programs have worked with members and have collaborated with each other to develop a single Canada-wide EHC reporting system that will be available to all members starting in early 2020.

Going forward, members can expect to receive more information from us about the new system, including pre-launch training and post-launch support. The new system will provide members with a unique landing page where reporting data can be submitted, retained and tracked, and EHC program-related communications will be provided.

This collaboration among the provincial programs was guided through NUOMAAC, and is an excellent example of the benefits of this national committee and our collective goal to provide better service to our members.