The EHC OneWindow program was developed through a massive collaborative effort by the UOMAs in response to our members request for a single, Canada-wide EHC reporting system. A key focus throughout the development process has been cost efficiency which has been achieved by cost sharing and controlled licensing.

After launching in January 2020 to monthly remitters only, the system was expanded to reach quarterly remitters in April and the plan is to launch Phase 3 to Annual Remitters by January 1, 2021.

Feedback to date has been very positive; with members expressing their satisfaction with the system’s ease of use. Many users have specifically mentioned their appreciation of the fact that all remittances have been combined to one report.

Eight months after the launch, here are the relevant numbers:

OneWindow Users Registered on System:

  • 851

Members Registered:

  • Monthly (5%)
  • Quarterly (75%)
  • Annual (20%)

# of Filings:

  • ~3,700

Approximate Revenue Collected:

  • $31million (pre-tax)

For more information and to see a demo, please visit: