Whether you are a DIYer with a small quantity of used oil and antifreeze to dispose of or a generator looking for your used oil products to be picked up, the Atlantic Used Oil Management Association (Atlantic UOMA) has you covered with the information you need on its newly launched website.

Earn a smile for a job well done

The fresh new look of the website reflects a new direction in marketing and branding built around the Atlantic-wide RecycleMyOil.ca online and TV advertising campaign aimed at DIYers and generators. That campaign attracted more than 65,000 visitors in 2022.

“With the Atlantic Used Oil Management Association now delivering used oil and antifreeze products recycling in all four Atlantic provinces, and a goal to make it easy for businesses and DIYers to recycle them no matter where they are, we felt it was time to refresh our messages and enhance our website”, said Luc Gagnon, general manager, Atlantic UOMA.

Atlantic Website

To find where and how to recycle, residents in any of the four Atlantic provinces can chose the province they are living in, their language (English or French), and then use the locator to find a drop off location. For businesses and other operations generating used oil and antifreeze products in the region, they can find a registered Collector to pick up their products.

Three million containers recycled

In addition to an easy-to-use locator function, the new website serves up lots of bite-size information. Quick facts (3 million containers recycled), Dos & Don’ts, and the latest recovery rates for each province. Plus, there is a link for members to One Window EHC Remittance and a link to UOMA Canada’s website. Coming soon: a portal for Collectors and Processors.

“We’re committed to making sure that Atlantic Canadians who need to recycle their used oil and antifreeze products will be easily able find out how and where,” said Gagnon. “We aim to be the trusted source of information in each province to help residents and businesses give their used oil and antifreeze products a second life”.