The UOMAs would like to provide an update on the national project to identify and register original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the appropriate used oil materials recycling program/s.

To review the background on this project, on April 1, 2014 limited OEM categories were added to the eligible list for the initial fill of lubricating oil, automotive glycol fluid and oil filters. This was due to the fact that initial fill material was collected throughout the national programs and therefore environmental handling charges (EHCs) would need to be collected and remitted by OEMs to help fund the cost to recover this material.

In order to ensure a level playing field amongst suppliers of eligible oil materials across Canada, this year the UOMAs undertook a joint project to conduct a search identifying OEM manufacturers who supply eligible products into various provinces but are not registered with the programs.

Based on this search, 273 businesses were identified as supplying into multiple jurisdictions and requiring registration. The following table indicates the breakdown of these suppliers who received registration information packages in March 2020 pertaining to the applicable programs. Note – for Alberta’s program, suppliers were given direction to complete their registration by June 1 with the September quarter being the first for which they would report and remit on.

To date 22 registration applications have been received and the UOMAs are reaching out to the remaining companies on a monthly basis via email and phone call. This has resulted in some very beneficial discussions that will help keep the registration process moving.