The Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) OneWindow service was developed and launched in January 2020. Its purpose is to facilitate the remittance, reporting and management of EHCs.  It responds to the #1 priority that was identified in the member survey conducted in 2016, which recommended the creation of this type of platform. It was made possible through a significant collaboration effort between all the provincial UOMA member organizations. Specific capabilities and features of this modern, digital service includes:

  • an ability to record and maintain key registration information such as member names, addresses, contacts, notes, and users;
  • a robust ability to send email communications and notifications to effectively communicate with all members;
  • an ability to automatically create filings for members based on a filing frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly);
  • a clean, simple web interface that allows members to submit their filings; and
  • an ability to manage the full lifecycle of invoices from invoice creation through to payment.

The feedback that we received from the recently completed member survey was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for your confidence in the service that we are currently providing.

We don’t intend to stop there! The OneWindow Service Management team has adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement with a desire to enhance our service delivery to our members. We have plans in the coming months to:

  • significantly enhance the current OneWindow member dashboard page
  • automatically integrate key OneWindow data into the national UOMA website including the member list and EHC/OEM rate tables.

We would love to hear from you if you have any service enhancement suggestions.  Please contact

Spring 2022 Newsletter